About me

Doctor of Philosophy.

I am an ethicist whose research focuses mainly on 1) relational ethics (esp. relational autonomy), and 2) the ethics of advertising. In addition, since the ethical theory/practice closest to my heart is that of Daoism, I am also interested in the figure of a Daoist sage and the practice of emptying the heart-mind.

Apart from being a lecturer at the Philosophy Department, University of Warsaw, Poland, I work for a peer-reviewed academic journal ETYKA. I am happy to have completed the editorial work on volume 52/2016 of ETYKA, devoted to the topic of close relationships http://etyka.uw.edu.pl/en/tag/etyka-522016-en/, and the editorial work on volume 56/2018, devoted to environmental ethics http://etyka.uw.edu.pl/en/tag/etyka-562018_en/.

Since February 2017 till February 2019 I had the honor of being the Secretary of the Warsaw Division of the Polish Philosophical Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Filozoficzne). I remain a member of the Society.